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πŸ˜€ Domain name lifecycle

Domain names that have some value

Apparently domain names are good investments for some people. Domain names are not owned by anyone, but you can find a domain name and purchase the right to use it from a registrar such as Godaddy and pay an annual fee for using this domain name.

Domain name lifecycle

A domain can go through this process. Say someone purchased a domain name for 5 years. He then received the domain name information in his account and he can do something about it.

After 5 years he decided not to renew the domain name for some reason. And the domain would become an expired domain but it will have a grace period of 80 days. The first 45 days you can get the domain name back without penalties. And the later 35 days you can still get it back but with a much higher fee. The last 5 days are so-called pending delete and everyone is able to see which domain names are about to expire. And after 80 days the domain name would become available again so anyone can purchase the domain if they want.

And sometimes you can get a domain name that you want that is just released. For example you can use services that gives you a list of pending delete domain names.

search for expiring or pending delete domains

Interesting facts

  • Short domain names

Usually the shorter the domain name the higher the value. In the domain market place a 3-letter domain usually values over $ 10000. A 4-letter domain usually values over $ 500.

  • .com domain names

.com domain names are more valuable than .net, .org or others. Also there are sayings that if you have a US startup called X and you don’t have, you should probably change your name because that means they cannot come up with something creative and signals weakness.

  • domain name with a meaning

For example. would value a lot more than, although they have the same length of 8 characters. Apparently (which is owned by Elon musk) is purchased with 6-7 digits figures.



02 Aug 2016