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๐Ÿ˜€ First iOS app that I developed


I have a few ideas about mobile applications that I want to work on. One of them is a chat / dating app where users are able to chat anonymously with someone but with a certain degree of confidence weather of not the other guy is really someone he/she can talk to. It is a bit like public / private key cryptography that you donโ€™t actually need to know the password but you are able to verify a message is valid.

Itโ€™s very easily to develop everything using Javascript nowadays. This is also the reason why the time between the first line of code to the first app store approval is only 5 weeks, and note that I am the sole developer of the entire project.

First version UI

We read an article that users often have surprisingly high tolerance about the horrible app UI and functionalities, provided the app have a solid product / market fit (PMF).

And apparently you need to focus more on the marketing and strategies instead of on the UI and technologies (unless maybe you are developing an instagram). Business model and strategies are the keys to determine your long-term survival, not UI, not UX.

Therefore, at the early stages I intentionally make the UI look really bad, and if this app can get any users in this condition, the app would definitely take off without a problem with great UI / UX in the future. That is my thinking for now.

Technology Stack

  • nodejs (backend)
  • websocket (for both frontend / backend)
  • Reactjs (for the frontend)
  • React Native (for the iOS development)
  • AWS deployment
  • database



10 Aug 2016